Amagabeli 2 inch Hexagonal Galvanized Chicken Wire Mesh Fence




Amagabeli 2 inch Hexagonal Poultry Netting Galvanized Chicken Wire Mesh Fence 20gauge Large Frame with Chicken Netting Rabbits Pets Dog Cat Vegetable Garden Fencing Backyard Raised Flower 36inchx50ft

  • MATERIAL & SIZE: Galvanized chicken wire fencing 36inches x 50foot, 20 gauge netting, 2-inch large hexagonal holes mesh roll. Poultry fence used for big animal control in a home backyard, around the house back yard balcony, at a garden, or on a farm property; fencing material to enclose a chicken run coop, rabbit fence pen, cat screen to keep out rodent country predators out and keep pets out of apple orchard, vegetable garden, flower raised beds.
  • STURDY MESH: 2-inch big holes chicken wire mesh, without the weight of 1″ openings raccoon-proof, rabbit control, sturdy wire to fence out dogs, cats, doves, fancy pigeons or larger animals like grown rabbits, mammals goats, full-grown chickens, older birds or ducks, cantankerous geese off garden raised beds and keep larger critters like a groundhog, mink, possum, raccoon, gophers, moles, porcupine, fisher, foxes out of existing wood board fence in the chicken area or raised garden beds.
  • HOUSE PROTECTION: Hexagonal poultry netting used to circle a 36in high property fence as a barrier to keep dog from digging out around the house, to line the bottom of the fence around the back yard to keep beagle puppy, neighbor dogs or cats out in a friendly way. Fence material used to create a guard together with railing on your balcony.
  • GARDENING NETTING: Create predator protection guard, block grown chickens and large dogs out, discourage deer to secure landscaping, apple orchard, or vegetable gardens; form garden panels to keep pets out of plants and flowers raised beds, a crop of turnips and grapevines.
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