Welcome to Blue Jay Vintage – Giving Shining Futures to Your Home

Hello and Welcome!!!!  My Name is Tawnya. I have 2 boys grown and out of the house, my Lil’ Punkin’ , Riley, and my big teddy bear husband!

Do you love your furniture?  I can paint it for you… or????  I can show you how to do it!

They sure don’t make furniture like they used to right? Why throw it out???  Renew and refresh it!  My business mindset started right after my first ankle surgery.  I was on a knee scooter for 8 weeks.  8 WEEKS!!! I had to do something with my hands.  So I started doing crafts and more craft fairs.

Well, 2nd ankle surgery and 2 shoulder surgeries later I just couldn’t do it anymore.  The packing in and packing out.  We evolved into our outdoor vintage booth.  Then right around that time, my husband became medically disabled from work.



If you are aware of the disability process we had NO EXTRA money!  I hated my furniture.  It was good furniture, just ugly!  But with no budget, I started to learn how to paint it.

From there I had family and friends want me to do it for them. Then I started selling pieces.  Then it evolved into our first indoor booth at The Antique Trove.

Now, the second booth, where we added a paint line, Rethunk Junk by Laura Resin Paint, and we continue to grow, always trying to evolve.

This is still so new and exciting 5 years later!  So come on in and join our journey!